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Hi, I’m Udoh Godswill

Management Consultant, Peak Performance Expert, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Consultant & Entrepreneur

Udoh Godswill is a Consultant par excellence and a Peak Performance Coach who has a proven record of helping organizations develop their human capacity to surpass their annual financial targets. He is a renowned force in Consulting

He holds a B.Sc in Computer science from the University of Uyo, He has a track record of helping business owners achieve their strategic objectives through the effective deployment and use of network marketing system. Prior to joining Pwan,
Udoh Godswil is a practical thinker with the capacity to convert projections to result and with vast experience in real estate business

Having passed through several Management Trainings, Udoh Godswill is known for impeccable skill at brand repositioning, Strategy development, and a revered corporate thought leader in the Communications sector.
He is the Managing Director of Incriz Technologies and The Executive Director of Pwan Harmony Realtors and investment limited.

My mission is to empower Africans of different age groups by exposing them to a variety of relevant high income skills that can help them earn 6-7 figures monthly


For several years, I struggled with different areas of life particularly my finances. I have been broke, not a few times but many times. Little did the people around me know; indeed not all that glitters is gold! Sometimes poverty dresses good, wears a nice suit, and drives a fancy car. Do not be deceived.

I worked hard yet I struggled. I made many declarations in church, read many books, I applied the principles that great men kept talking about but the results kept eluding me.

I once worked in South Korea, did a lot of businesses, yet I was in debt, I started several businesses yet instead of profit, I lost money. I was genuinely frustrated. I don’t know about you reading this article but many times I came to my wit’s end, you know that point when you start wondering if the people from the village are chasing you! Yes I got that point.

I recall when it seemed like what was supposed to be a blessing had become a burden. Have you ever been there before? Where great opportunities came and when I stepped in, the opportunities stepped out. All these got me genuinely confused.

To and fro, from pillar to post, I sought help, I sought for an intervention. One day, one blessed day, I stumbled on a friend who helped and introduced me to a business opportunity that changed my life forever( PWAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY). I realized that no one was getting in my way. I realized that my mindset was my greatest undoing. I kept sabotaging my efforts and was totally unaware of what I was doing. Now today, the story has changed and I know what precisely has led to that change. This thing which I learned, I have studied over the past 5 years. I have been obsessed with the information and I have immersed myself in it because I am persuaded it is the secret behind all success.

Let me share something with you my friend, a man can be hugely successful yet he will be unable to articulate the real reason and the real secret behind his success. This is because he has gained unconscious competence,he knows a secret yet he doesn’t know that he knows it. It’s like driving; sometimes you are lost in thoughts only to get to your destination not realizing how you got there.

In a similar fashion, a man can keep failing; not knowing the real cause of his failure. My study over the past few years has led me to the real cause of success and the real cause of failure. The real issue is the root yet most keep dealing with the shoot. Exposing yourself to this information will doubtlessly lead to permanent change.

Friend, recall I mentioned I wasn’t always the way I am today. I have been confused yet today I am clear. I have had really really bad habits, now I am totally free. I have had a Mindset Makeover. I have cried out of frustration with life, almost resigned to fate, but today, my assignment is to help others in similar situations as I was in the past. Let me help you optimize your potential; let me help you break limiting patterns so you can achieve extra-ordinary results

“My greatest desire is to speak and cause people to discover and
optimize their God given potential”